5 Tips to Care for Your Leather Bags and Accessories: Help Your Leather Last Longer

5 Tips to Care for Your Leather Bags and Accessories: Help Your Leather Last Longer

Loving your new leather bag? Pamper it with these 5 tips to keep it clean, shiny, supple and scratch-free.

I’ve been running my leather bag business for over four years now, and have been a fan of genuine leather products even before that. As a result, I’ve picked up a few care tips over the years that can help leather accessories last longer and would love to share them with you.

Tip 1 

Use a leather balm for genuine leather accessories. Leather care products like mink oil are a great way to reduce the appearance of scratches.

Leather balm
Leather balms are great for removing scratches and marks
(PC: Photo by Sara Scarpa on Unsplash)


It also helps clean the bag and give the leather a new sheen. Remember to use these throughout the bag and not on one spot as they do change the colour. No one wants a patchy bag!

Tip 2

Speaking of cleaning, I also like using a leather cleaner / shampoo and conditioner once or twice a year to deep clean my bags.

Leather cleaner
Leather cleaners and conditioners help clean surface impurities and make the leather supple
(PC: Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash)

These products are gentle on leather and help clean it without damaging the surface. However, always remember to do a swatch test on a small part of your bag or wallet to ensure that it does not react poorly and tear down or discolour the leather.

Tip 3

Remember to air dry your bags instead of using any dryers. Always allow your leather article to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area in indirect sunlight for 24-48 hours or even longer, if required. Never use hair dryer or any other kind of dryer as it may rob the leather of its natural moisture and cause the leather to crack and peel.

Tip 4

Another tip I stand by is waterproofing your bags before you take them outdoors in humid weather.

Rofozzi leather care tips - Waterproofing
Waterproof your leather bag before taking it out in a humid environment
(PC: Photo by Igor Rodrigues on Unsplash)

You can waterproof your bags using a water-repellant spray that adds a thin protective layer on your bags, ensuring that they do not absorb moisture from your surroundings. Using these sprays once in a while protects your bags from  water damage.

Tip 5

When your bag is not in use, store it in a dust bag which allows the hide to breathe naturally.

Rofozzi storage dust bag silica gel - Leather care
Store your leather bag in a dust bag in a dry place with some silica gel to keep moisture away

You can also add a few silica gel packets inside the bag to prevent the formation of mildew. Always remember to keep away from direct sunlight.

Interestingly, caring for your bags is a lot like caring for your skin or hair. Your bags can use protection before going outdoors, shampooing, conditioning and can benefit from oil massages!

Let us know if you have any other leather care tips in the comments below.

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