About Rofozzi

Welcome! I’m glad you decided to explore this part of the site. 

I’m Mumtaz, the founder, designer, social-media manager and the person behind Rofozzi. I run the brand with my husband Farhat, based in a small home office in Singapore. Along with managing our business, we love being full-time parents, adventure enthusiasts and have a passion for all things fashion and style.

 Farhat & Mumtaz Pachisa


We believe that high fashion should be purposeful and accessible to everyone, and that’s why we came up with Rofozzi - a brand that celebrates affordable luxury for all. 

 rofozzi handbags collection


Rofozzi (previously Purple Relic) was not always the brand you see today. Entrepreneurship does not come easy and we did our share of experiments - from trying different products ranging from textiles to home decor, to exploring different markets and target audiences, our journey had its twists and turns.



It took  us a trip to our hometown back in India to finally settle on the products you love now. We found our Eureka moment in a small handicrafts shop where we were blown away by the beauty of each design. 

Lifestyle accessories could be our creative canvas! We wanted to explore designer camera bags first - bags that look a lot more stylish than the default black ones that come with the DSLR.

 Indian leather handicrafts store


With fresh ideas and inspiration, we developed our own line of camera and utility bags. Along with aesthetics, our focus was on end-use and infusing fashion with function. With minimalism in mind, we began exploring multi-functional products - camera bags that serve as handbags and crossbody bags that can be carried to school, work and travel.

rofozzi workers


Our brand  prioritizes durability and easy-care which is best reflected in our choice to use materials that are easier to clean and maintain. Our designs have incorporated this element without compromising their quality and luxurious appeal.



As a young brand, we are obsessed with innovation. We constantly upgrade our products to improve customer experience and to stay relevant. As such, feedback from all of you is at the forefront of our innovation process - it has allowed us to make brighter bag interiors, stronger straps and wider openings, all to elevate user experience.

rofozzi camera bag design

Like most small businesses, ours has been a journey of inspiration, experimentation, change and innovation. We’ve put the end-user at the heart of what we do through every step of this process, and hope to continue growing as designers and entrepreneurs.

Mumtaz Farhat Rofozzi Home Office