8 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2021 - Bet You Haven't Thought of the Last One

8 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2021 - Bet You Haven't Thought of the Last One

Tired of giving “World’s Best Dad” mugs to your father every Father's Day? Here are a mix of unique gift ideas that you can buy or DIY this year. We promise you would not have thought of some of them.


Who says dads can’t rock a leather bag?

Rofozzi Messenger Bag

Celebrate your dad with crossbody bags that are perfect for work, for family outings or just for running errands. He’ll definitely be the trendiest person around.

Find our collection of leather bags here.



Gift your dad a sleek and stylish organizer for his endlessly messy cables, easy-to-lose data cards, USB drives and more.

Rofozzi leather tech organizer - Unique Father's Day Gifts 2021

Check out these tech organizers and tablet folio on our site that ingeniously organize all their tech arsenal in one place.



Gift him something different this year- make your own graphic t-shirt with a print he will love.

unique gifts for Father's Day 2021

Whether it's a handmade drawing, his favourite rock band, or a corny joke - find an image that will make him smile and get it printed on a shirt in a shop.  You can also use fabric transfer sheets to print them at home.



For the dad who is always making home videos and taking cheesy photos on family trips. Here’s a camera bag that not only protects and organizes all his gear but also looks crazy stylish as he carries it all day round.

Rofozzi camera bag - Best Father's Day Gifts 2021

Check out our collection of camera bags here.



Dads are notoriously famous for forgetting things and needing constant reminders. Encourage them to pen down notes and reminders the old-fashioned way - with a stylish journal that they would want to carry around everywhere.

Unique Father's Day Gifts in 2021 - Rofozzi leather journal

Check out our most-loved leather journal here.



Remember trips to the DVD store with your dad to rent superhero classics or action movies?

gift ideas for Father's Day 2021

Why not recreate those movie night memories together - you can do it the traditional way by hunting down a DVD store or simply select your favourites and stream them on Netflix or Prime.

Don't forget to prep dad’s favourite movie night snacks - popcorn, nachos or something homemade.



Raise your hands if your dad uses an ancient, worn-out wallet stuffed with bank cards and loyalty cards from the randomest places.

Top Father's Day gifts 2021 - Rofozzi Slim Leather Wallet

Here’s a solution that sleekly organises the things he needs most, without adding weight and bulk to his pockets.

Find the sleek leather money clip on our site.



Bet you didn't think of this one.

With most moms taking over, dads conveniently take the back seat in the kitchen.

Father's Day 2021 gift ideas

Help your dad reach his culinary potential with a cookbook of simple recipes that push him out of his comfort zone. This is also a great way to spend the day cooking something together.


Here’s our take on unique gift ideas that show how much we appreciate our dads and everything they do. Were we able to give you any ideas that were not already on your list? 

Have any other fun gift ideas? Suggest them in the comments below!

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