Rofozzi Genuine Leather Men's Wallet with RFID Protection

Rofozzi Genuine Leather Men's Wallet with RFID Protection

The perfect wallet for the modern man.

A wallet is more than just a practical tool in which to carry your hard earned cash, it is part of a defining story that reflects the journey that you have taken to success. When you take your wallet out to pick up the bill it tells the story of how you have gotten to where you are at that very moment. So what does your wallet have to say about you?

                         Men's RFID Genuine Leather Wallet

The Rofozzi genuine leather men's wallet is perfectly designed for both the practical use of the modern man and to portray the masculinity and beauty of your journey to success. Here is how:

Practically designed for everyday use

More than just a beautifully designed wallet, the Rofozzi genuine leather men's wallet was drafted with the user in mind. So while the features are aesthetically pleasing, there is the logic behind the detailed finishes.

 Genuine cow leather

  • As a result of the tightly packed fibres in the skin of a cow, cowhide is the strongest type of leather making it the perfect material for everyday use and durability.
  • While cowhide can be a little stiff at first, it is easy to break in which means that your brand new wallet will feel right at home in your pocket in no time.
  • Genuine cow leather is fairly easy to maintain. Most dirt can be spot cleaned with just a little soap and water making the material great for any man.

 Perfect pocket size

  • Designed in such a way so as to maximise the safe-keeping of your valuables in a stylish and compact manner.
  • The dimension of the wallet is 4.72”/12cm x 4.33”/11cm x 1”/2.5cm with multiple departments that are supportive of everyday use.

 Convenience through storage

  • Designed for the easy organization of your valuables the Rofozzi genuine leather wallet has unique compartments for your cash, cards and coins.
  • 2 zippered pockets to ensure that your cash and coins are kept secure in their compartments.
  • The modern man carries a lot more cards than what he used to, the Rofozzi genuine leather wallet is designed with 8 card slots.
  • Includes a removable sliding cardholder to allow you to keep all of your credit, debit and loyalty cards secure and with you at all times.
  • An ID window for safe storage and display of your personal identification.

 Safe and secure at all times

You have worked hard for your money so we have designed a wallet that keeps all your valuables safe.

  • Zippered pockets for your cash and coins ensuring that your money is kept secure no matter where you go.
  • Card slots that are designed to keep your cards safely stored snuggly while protecting the magnetic stripe and/or the EMV chip from losing their effectiveness.
  • RFID blocking id designed into the wallet to protect you from RFID skimming. RFID technology scrambles RFID/NFC signals protecting your personal information from being scanned without your authorization.


What is RFID blocking and how does it work?

 RFID is the abbreviation for Radio-Frequency IDentification, this term is used to describe the technology implemented on credit and debit cards where electromagnetic fields are used to automatically identify and track tags on objects. Put simply, RFID is the use of a radio wave to transmit and receive identification information about the owner of the card.

 RFID blocking uses E-Field technology to protect your personal identification information from being remotely accessed without your authorisation. The security technology uses E-Field advancements to scramble RFID/NFC signals, therefore your identification information is kept safe.


Why it is important to have an RFID-blocking wallet?

If you carry your credit card, debit card or passport in your wallet then you should take the necessary precautions to protect your personal information. With RFID technology thieves can steal your card information by simply standing within a few feet of you. RFID-blocking prevents the possibility of this occurring, so the only time that the information that is on your card is released, is when you purposefully take your card from your wallet and tap it on the scanner to make your payment.


About Rofozzi

The Rofozzi range of bags and wallets for men and women is developed to be a fine-looking piece of art that can be practically used and flaunted on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on being a brand that is fashion-forward, affordable and durable. Our modern-retro designs are vintage-inspired, drawing motive from a combination of historical and modern trends, lifestyles and artistic influence.

Each Rofozzi accessory is conceptualized with usability at the heart of the design while ensuring that your character is captured in each piece.

Rofozzi men’s wallets and bags portray masculinity and realism with an element of savviness that empowers you.

Our women’s bags and wallets are designed to guarantee comfort and alluring charm. Feminity and practicality make our range of women’s accessories the perfect fit for every occasion.

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