DIY Easy Hack for Great Product Photography

DIY Easy Hack for Great Product Photography

Some of us struggle with getting the right equipment to make eye-catching shots, but you don’t always need high-tech tools or fancy settings to achieve this. See what you need for this DIY Quick Product Shoot Hack 📸

The Hack Process:
1️⃣ Find a product to photoshoot, a laptop, and a mirror 💻

2️⃣ Download a backdrop image (millions of them available on stock photo sites) 🌆

3️⃣ Open the image, rotate and zoom as required 🔍

4️⃣ Place the mirror on the keyboard, tilt the laptop screen, and set your product on the mirror 🌺

5️⃣ Add any props you wish, be creative 💦

6️⃣ Click away and edit to get the desired effect 🤳

7️⃣ Voila! You have a product photo in no time!! 🎉🥳

Do you have a favorite photo shoot hack? Let us know in the comments ⬇️

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