Rofozzi, April 15 2019

Purple Relic announces name change to Rofozzi

Singapore, April 15 2019 - Lifestyle and Fashion accessory brand, Purple Relic announced today that it has changed its name to “Rofozzi”. The name change was prompted in early 2019 because the company founders believed that a single-worded name such as Rofozzi reflected the high-end fashion aspect of the brand more clearly. 

Established in 2017, the brand provides premium leather accessories and emphasizes incorporating creative designs with multi-functionality. The company also stands for making high-end fashion affordable and accessible to wider audiences. Rofozzi promises to maintain Purple Relic’s standards for product quality, customer service and customer satisfaction.

“Rofozzi is a better fit for what we stand for. It's trendy, catchy and easy to use, exactly what we strive for our brand and products to be. Derived from the names of members in our family, it is also a lot closer to home for us” said founder and director Mumtaz Pachisa.

About Rofozzi

The brand rofozzi stands for fashionable, affordable and durable products. With designs that draw inspiration from retro-modernism, the products are made with end use and quality at the heart of every step of the manufacturing process. 

Media Contact:

Mumtaz Pachisa

Founder and Director